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JP-H0462282-A: Controlling device of opening and closing body patent, JP-H0462545-A: Photographic processing agent composition patent, JP-H0462930-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-H0463135-A: Liquid phase synthesis of ceramics patent, JP-H0463339-A: Case for housing image forming sheet patent, JP-H0463886-A: Water-soluble heat fusible temporary adhesive patent, JP-H046393-A: Rotation reproducing type heat exchanging device patent, JP-H0464302-A: Continuous fastener element for slide fastner patent, JP-H0465297-A: Liquid supply body patent, JP-H0465400-A: Method for growing sic single crystal patent, JP-H046628-A: Optical storage device patent, JP-H0466634-A: Hydrogen storage ni-zr series alloy patent, JP-H0467139-A: Camera for stereoscopic photography patent, JP-H0467455-A: Magnetic recording/reproducing method patent, JP-H0468036-A: Thermosetting resin molding and its preparation patent, JP-H0468210-A: Fire power controller patent, JP-H0468334-A: Camera provided with magnetic head patent, JP-H0468879-A: Solid-state image pickup device patent, JP-H0468943-A: Radio terminal patent, JP-H0469002-A: Control method for inverter electric vehicle patent, JP-H0469414-A: Friction engaging device of automatic transmission patent, JP-H0470943-A: Terminal equipment patent, JP-H0471000-A: Situation recognizing device for vehicle patent, JP-H0471344-A: Rotor for electric rotating machine patent, JP-H0472028-A: Magnetic disk substrate and its manufacture patent, JP-H04722-A: Heterojunction bipolar transistor patent, JP-H04727-A: Semiconductor manufacturing device and controlling method thereof patent, JP-H0473481-A: Corrosion resistance pipe material for cold working patent, JP-H0473602-A: Reflecting mirror for laser beam patent, JP-H0473620-A: Thin film transistor array patent, JP-H0474885-A: Electric silver plating bath and method of electric silver plating patent, JP-H0475707-A: Working roll for cold or skin pass rolling excellent in maintainability of roughness patent, JP-H0475828-A: Suction structure for screw patent, JP-H0476277-A: Fixing device for transporting refrigerator unit patent, JP-H0476485-A: Radiation detector patent, JP-H047704-A: Method for restoring production line at the time of its failure patent, JP-H0477708-A: Single condenser lens for high-density recording optical disk driving device patent, JP-H0477742-A: Actinic sensitive polymer composition patent, JP-H0478803-A: Focus detecting device patent, JP-H0479571-A: Digital image reducing/magnifying device patent, JP-H0479810-A: Cutter unit of combine patent, JP-H0480011-A: Apparatus for manufacturing plastic-coated steel pipe patent, JP-H0481407-A: Production of polyvinyl alcohol based polymer patent, JP-H0481447-A: Aqueous emulsion composition of crosslinkable polyurethane acrylic resin patent, JP-H0481764-A: Automatic developing machine for waterless planographic printing plate patent, JP-H0482139-A: Gyrotron patent, JP-H0482750-A: Silicon substrate having porous silicon oxide layer patent, JP-H0482813-A: Production of solution for cosmetic and device therefor patent, JP-H0483016-A: Emergency hyfraulic unit for dolly patent, JP-H0483020-A: Anchor bolt fixing device patent, JP-H0483311-A: Electromagnet patent, JP-H0484450-A: Semiconductor device provided with inspection mos type transistor patent, JP-H0484463-A: Composite type semiconductor device patent, JP-H0485409-A: Sluice gate for preventing back flow patent, JP-H0486028-A: Electronic conference system patent, JP-H0486366-A: Atomizer for dual fuel injection valve patent, JP-H0487285-A: Insulator for spark plug patent, JP-H0487421-A: Quantizer patent, JP-H0487474-A: High voltage generating circuit patent, JP-H0487521-A: Fuel cell dc parallel operating system patent, JP-H0487966-A: Storage method for textile product patent, JP-H0488335-A: Photosensitive recording material patent, JP-H048873-A: Drive device for posture control patent, JP-H049016-A: Finder of long-focus zoom lens incorporated camera patent, JP-H0491651-A: Permanent magnet rotor patent, JP-H0492032-A: Sink device patent, JP-H0492094-A: Directional control device of tunnel excavator patent, JP-H0492721-A: Weather strip for automobile patent, JP-H0493599-A: Electromagnetic accelerator patent, JP-H0494020-A: Regulating method of contact patent, JP-H0495739-A: Torque measuring apparatus patent, JP-H0495882-A: Test load facility patent, JP-H0496369-A: Gate array type lsi patent, JP-H0496584-A: Digital picture synthesizer patent, JP-H0496594-A: Signal processor patent, JP-H0498397-A: Store information processing system patent, JP-H0498896-A: Support leg device patent, JP-H0499200-A: Method and device for electropolishing and device for evaluating electrolyte patent, JP-H0499326-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-H0499906-A: Optical inspecting apparatus for part patent, JP-H0510009-A: 屋根換気装置 patent, JP-H05100487-A: Image forming method patent, JP-H05100637-A: 液晶表示装置の駆動法 patent, JP-H05101434-A: 光ピツクアツプ patent, JP-H05101492-A: Magnetic recording and reproducing device patent, JP-H05101568-A: 光デイスクのサーボ制御装置 patent, JP-H05101923-A: Fabrication of oxide superconducting coil patent, JP-H05102313-A: プログラマブル素子 patent, JP-H05102991-A: Line fault detecting system for loop type communication system patent, JP-H05103798-A: Bridged artificial tooth device to adapt individually to element implanted in dentine, joint, etc. patent, JP-H05104448-A: 砥 石 patent, JP-H05105056-A: 車両用アンチロツク制御装置における車体速度推定方法 patent, JP-H05106078-A: 電鋳接合用電解セル patent, JP-H05106237-A: 掘削機の掘削制御方法 patent, JP-H05106250-A: シングルレバー式混合水栓 patent, JP-H05106360-A: 立体駐車設備 patent, JP-H05106556-A: ピストン式流体ポンプ patent, JP-H05106860-A: Air conditioner patent, JP-H05107271-A: Motor rotational speed display device for electric vehicle patent, JP-H05107755-A: Photosensitive composition patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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